Maven 2 for Debian

I have built a preliminary Debian packages for Maven 2 for people who need it or wanna look into Maven. I did this by using the binary distribution from upstream. You can install it by adding

deb ./

to your


and then do

aptitude update
aptitude install maven2-binary

This package is just for personal usage. It will not get uploaded to the official Debian archive. The Debian Java team (including me) is working on a maven2 package for Debian which builds from source but has itself around 90 dependencies. And the dependencies mostly need maven2 for building too. Bootstrapping can be fun.

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4 Responses to Maven 2 for Debian

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  2. szocske says:

    Thanks for the effort, I’m using your repository already 🙂

  3. wlfshmn says:

    a refresh for 2.0.7 would be greatly appreciated 😉

  4. laggflor says:

    Thanks! You saved me a lot of time.

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