New revision of the Eclipse 3.1 debs for Debian unstable

After a long time I got around to do some hacking on the Eclipse 3.1 packages for Debian. I uploaded them and they can be fetched with the following lines in your sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./

The binary packages are built against the new ant and cairo packages. The internal help system of Eclipse doesn’t work yet as this needs libtomcat5-java which is not in unstable at the time of this writing.

This revision is the first that provides precompiled native jars for GCJ 4.0. Its the begginning to make Eclipse a fully integrated IDE using a completly free toolchain. Kaffe and other free runtimes and proprietary runtimes are supported too.

Please the packages and report back all issues you find back to me. Don’t write bug reports for the Debian BTS.

Have fun with the new packages.

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