Eclipse 3.1-10 released

I uploaded a new version of Eclipse (3.1-10) to my repository. This now features a working internal help system and the packages are now built for amd64 too. The following source lines are for installing the Debian packages via apt-get:

# i386
deb ./
# amd64
deb ./
# powerpc
deb ./
# source
deb-src ./

The last problem before its possible to upload this to contrib is the mess with the SWT packages in Debian and the ones built by my Eclipse packages. I’m working in this together with Shaun and will hopefully resolve this soon.

The reasons why its only possible to upload to contrib is that the packages that eclipse depend on, libtomcat5-java and liblucene-java, are in contrib.
When these are move to main there is no reason not to upload Eclipse to main too.

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