Indoor cyling

Yesterday I attended on an indoor cycling marathon event. Eight hours of cycling with a different instuctor every hour. It was an event to get money of the German Children Cancer Help organization. All starting charges were for them. This way I had twice as much fun as normally: I had fun cyling with over 100 other mad people while listening to cool music and I did something good.

The service there was good too. There were some people there only bringing drinks and fruits to the bikers.After cyling was finished we all got a big meal (pasta, yum yum …) and a live-band played and some people started dancing. All in all it was a very good event.

For all of you who think people doing indoor cycling are mad: I first thought the same. These people must be crazy. I will never do this. Then I tried it and I got addicted to it. It does much fun and you are doing something good for your body (most doctors say: better then jogging). Try it yourself.

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