SUN JDK in Debian non-free

As most people know already SUN JDK is now included in the non-free section of Debian. There where much discussions about the license of the JDK. To me its very questionable in its current state. For sure it would be better if the license would be more clear. But lets no debate about this again.

I wanna raise another question: Who will do the needed support for our users?

Noone of the Debian Java maintainers group was really involved in the inclusion of SUN JDK in non-free. Noone from the team wants to really put much effort into closed source Java. I dont speak about closing bugs. I mean answering questions in the IRC channel or on the mailing list. People need help with everything from setting JAVA_HOME environment variable correctly to setting up running a bigger application with a runtime. As I see it. SUN JDK will only rot in our archive. Noone likes it. FTP-Master put work on our shoulders but we don’t do it. It would have been great if FTP-Master would have contact us to clear the situation before doing any blindfold action.

I think this got totally lost in the current discussions inside Debian.

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