Experimental GNU classpath snapshots

Inspired by a blog post from Anthony Green about gcjwebplugin uploaded for FedoraCore 5 I created an experimental package for GNU classpath based on CVS. It includes the latest fixes for AWT/Swing. This means the new CairoGraphics2D implementation is used by default. This enables much more Java applications to work with GNU classpath. Another point to note is that this is the first upload of GNU classpath that includes gcjwebplugin, a free java applet plugin for web browsers. This version of it is fully reworked from the last solo release of it. It should be much more stable then ever.

You can find it currently in the “experimental” distritbution of Debian. The next release of GNU classpath will be released in approximately 3-4 weeks. Then all these cool features will land in Debian “unstable”.

I plan to continue uploading newer GNU classpath CVS snapshots to experimental. Stay tuned for more features and Java applications working with free runtimes. Who wants proprietary Java anyway?

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