29 Sep 2001

Found out that the Classpath Extensions project has a project page. They incorporated the javax.servlet package that Paul Siegman and I wrote a long time ago. Maybe I should look at it again it has been years since I did something with Servlets and JSPs. Nice to see that it is still maintained. Although I noticed that they have not imported the README, Changelog, etc files or any other documentation at all. Have added myself to the project as contributor so I will now feel guilty if I don’t at least clean up the packaging ;)

GNU Classpath Extensions looks very nice. Have to try out the JAXP support they have. Some new packages that we have to write for GNU Classpath such as java.util.prefs need XML reading/writing support. At the moment I kind of fake the reading/writing of XML in that package and it is definitly broken.

Also found out about a project that Anthony Green is working on RHUG which uses GCJ to turn all kinds of Free Software java packages into native executables. GCJ is really good these days.

Seems that the Free Software community has finally all the pieces in place to provide a complete java programming environment.