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Frysk example utilities

Phil recently wrote up some examples of utilities created on top of the Frysk framework that you might find handy (part1, part2, part3). We now also have the frysk manual pages online.

Ian Lance Taylor’s Linker Notes

Ian Lance Taylor is working on a new ELF linker called gold which is designed for speed and will do incremental linking. He is writing notes on how linkers work (with specifics for ELF and i386) which are a must read for everybody interested in these kind of low level technicalities. Linkers part 1 – […]

Stack unwinding

For Frysk I am working to add .debug_frame support to libunwind. Since I didn’t know that much about stack unwinding and since some of the details are hard to grasp without some historical context I wrote the following to summarize all the relevant documentation pointers that I could find on stack unwinding. Please do let […]

Bad Memory

Once or twice a week my personal server had some weird trouble with httpd, spamassasin or named suddenly crashing. It seemed impossible to replicate but in recent weeks the problem became worse. First I thought it was some software problem. So I decided to upgrade to CentOS 5. But in the middle of the upgrade […]

Perfmon2: A flexible performance monitoring interface for Linux

The 2006 OLS paper Perfmon2: A flexible performance monitoring interface for Linux by St├ęphane Eranian gives an overview of designing a generic interface for hardware monitoring for a diverse test of processors. Modern processors have all kinds of support to collect information about cpu cycles used, instruction pipelines, on-chip caches, etc. Since the Performance Monitoring […]

The 7 dwarves

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote an interesting paper for OLS: The 7 dwarves: debugging information beyond gdb. Dwarves is a DWARF debugging information library and a set of tools that uses the DWARF information inserted in ELF binaries. The tools can help you understand DWARF and the debug information available in programs (and the kernel) […]

yum source and debug info

Getting package source and debug info isn’t always as transparent on Fedora as I would like. But there is yum-utils that provides yumdownloader which can get packages given that you know the source package name (is there an easy way to find that out/automate that?). yumdownloader –enablerepo=core-source –source gcc (don’t forget that you have to […]

Nice tools

Caolan McNamara – Backtraces and prelink Rob Bradford – OProfileUI Profiling made pretty

Planet Frysk

Phil Muldoon setup Planet Frysk. Cool!