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World Wind

With the help of Petter Reinholdtsen (yes, one of the original Japhar hackers), we finally got WW2D working with GNU Classpath and Cacao. This is pretty exciting since it is a nice showcase for our jawt and jogl support. One nice thing is that for zooming in and out you can now use the scroll […]

libgcj import, pictures, ocean

GNU Classpath 0.90 got imported into libgcj providing some nice new features. Still some small issues to cleanup, but most of the worked was just merging, compiling and testing things. Some picures from GNU Classpath & Friends at Fosdem, and the meeting in A La Mort Subite are online. The pictures clearly show everybody had […]

06 Mar 2006

GNU Classpath 0.90 “A La Mort Subite” released At our GNU Classpath and Friends meeting during Fosdem a lot of cool demos were given that showed what is possible with GNU Classpath now. So we decided to push out a new release so everybody can play with all the new stuff (0.90 works out of […]

01 Mar 2006

GCC 4.1 released GCC 4.1 was finally released today. The gcj support is based on a slightly older GNU Classpath snapshot but it does include some really cool changes, new features, and fixes. You can read some more about it in an article I wrote a while ago on the GCJ part. “A look at […]