World Wind

With the help of Petter Reinholdtsen (yes, one of the original Japhar hackers), we finally got WW2D working with GNU Classpath and Cacao. This is pretty exciting since it is a nice showcase for our jawt and jogl support. One nice thing is that for zooming in and out you can now use the scroll wheel. As soon as I had implemented that Audrius and Roman thought up nice ways to add this also to our Free Swing components. WW2D isn’t fully functional yet since keyboard navigation support is currently missing (no KeyEvents on the custom Canvas), but if you have a wheel mouse you really should try this out. There are a couple of locations on earth that have a pretty scary resolution.

Enschede, my home town, isn’t one of those locations at this moment. But I am not sure I am very sad about it. It seems we have to get used to the fact that people will be able to watch everything from everywhere in the near future.