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30 Nov 2006

Dang ol’Internet says: yay for Free Java It is a bit old (in internet time) article from Don Marti “Dang ol’Internet says: yay for Free Java”. But I really like his description of how Sun with their latest move GPLing their Enterprise, Standard and Micro Edition versions of Java solidly joins the free software movement. […]

GNU Classpath, Sun, Java, GPL, Reflections & The Future

Finally put down some of my thoughts on GNU Classpath, Sun, Java, GPL, Reflections & The Future for the GNU Classpath mailinglist. Even after two weeks I am still too overjoyed with the news to fully comprehend it or setup a proper roadmap (it is probably way too early for that anyway). But I believe […]


I have been working for Red Hat for 5 months now helping the Frysk team and it has been a lot of fun. Red Hat is a great company but they do have one major flaw. After all this time they still haven’t managed to provide me with the gimmick that makes it all worth […]

Some downtime

It is Thanksgiving in the USA which is where the primary GNU servers are. And since machines know the most inconvenient time to die, they apparently do during such holidays. See the status info on savannah (now up again), lists and fencepost still down atm. Sorry for the inconvenience. update: “Everything is back online now […]

23 Nov 2006

Strong words on solidarity Bruce Perens posted an open letter to Novell’s CEO Ron Hovsepian that contains some strong words on how we should all show solidarity in the face of patent threats against our community. The covenant of the GPL is that in the face of a software patent aggressor we must all hang […]

1 + 1 = 1.7

First Andrew Hughes made Sun GPL javac compile and now Andrew Haley made it run with GNU Classpath and gcj/gij. Go Team! Peter von der Ahé from Sun posted a update to upstream javac. It would be nice if the changes needed and made by Andrew and Andrew also found their way into some future […]


Thanks to the work of Sun’s Tom Marble and Kaffe’s Dalibor Topic all the Sun OpenJDK announcement videos are now available in Ogg/Theora format for your viewing pleasure. (See collaboration is starting already! But who wouldn’t want to work together with someone as nice as Dalibor.) The videos are released under a Creative Commons License. […]

Are you ready to party!

FOSDEM 2007 (24-25th February 2007 in Brussels, Belgium) has been confirmed. We will have a room for 100 people and has asked for an OpenJDK booth that the FOSDEM organization will place not too far away from that room. Mark your calendars. Details to follow.

13 Nov 2006

Libre Java! For your reading pleasure: As Stallman looks on, Sun frees Java under the GPL Q&A with Tim Bray Mark Reinhold’s Blog And guess what they mean with “following established free software community practices for licensing virtual machines and their associated libraries”. Yes! They will use the GPL and the GPL+exception! As used by […]

Lost friends

Sometimes you see something amazing and find out what a long lost friend is doing now. Go Graydon! More info on Mozilla, Adobe and the GPL/MPL/LGPL Tamarin virtual machine can be found in their press release.