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New Fedora Core 4 packages

Take a look at the list of new Fedora Core packages since FC3. Notice anything interesting? No wonder they are going to slip the release date a bit to make sure they have a stable gcc 4.

19 Feb 2005

Escape the Java Trap! The official program for Escape the Java Trap! is finally ready. You are very welcome to join us and learn about the IKVM architecture and how to freely mix and match traditional java and .net applications and libraries, how GNU and Apache developers can and should work together, how you can […]

GNU Classpath @ Fosdem 2005

Make sure you attend! Lots of cool talks about kaffe, gcj(x), GNU Classpath,, Apache, java-gnome, and a guest appearance by the CACAO developers. And lots of fun preparing the goals and priorities for the next year. Please add yourself the the participation list if you will come. And please suggest some discussion topics for […]

Thomas needs a blog

Thomas Fitszimmons needs a blog. So he can post cool screenshots of his work on gcj and libjawt like this one: Go Tom! Go!

New gui branch building

Hint if you use the jhbuild setup from Thomas Fitzsimmons to build the new gcj gui branch. Make sure you add the following lines to your ~/.jhbuildrc file: # We need the latest snapshot branch branches[’cairo’] = ‘SNAPSHOT_0_3_0′ # And the latest gui branch for gcj branches[’gcj’] = ‘java-gui-20050128-branch’ And yes, this allows you to […]