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Down LWN libre-java memory lane

LWN published their index of all guest articles. Since I was asked a couple of times to write about our libre-java efforts there are a couple of mine included: GCJ – past, present, and future (April 6, 2005) The GNU Classpath distro DevJam – Europe (September 28, 2005) A look at GCJ 4.1 (February 8, […]

GPL Shopping

I moved houses, but not my whole network setup, so I needed a little router to connect all the machines I already moved. Walking into the store the first router box that I saw had a big GPL-Inside sticker on it! How have times changed. Apparently having the three letters G-P-L on your (hardware) box […]

What planet are you from?

Merging communities, so hard, and so much fun. We exchanged an “ambassador” and Mark Reinhold started an interplanetary exchange of species. Lets import some fresh blood on this little Planet Classpath of ours. Hi David, Hi Mark, Hi Joe, Hi Kelly, Hi Rich!

Fedora 9 Preview

Been playing with the Fedora 9 Preview release on my laptop this weekend. It feels pretty snappy and the integration of the various new components is pretty smooth. I didn’t find any personal show stoppers. So I will definitely upgrade my main machine as soon as the final release is out (currently scheduled for May […]