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Opening development for Gutsy Gibbon

Noteworthy changes are: The Java compatible environment in main (gij/gcj) was updated to provide Java 1.5 compatibility, allowing now packages in main, which require 1.5 compatibility and can be built using gcj. Nice job Matthias!

yum source and debug info

Getting package source and debug info isn’t always as transparent on Fedora as I would like. But there is yum-utils that provides yumdownloader which can get packages given that you know the source package name (is there an easy way to find that out/automate that?). yumdownloader –enablerepo=core-source –source gcc (don’t forget that you have to […]

OpenMoko free java support with GNU Classpath & Cacao

Jim Huang did it! On the same day we released GNU Classpath 0.95 he got it working with Cacao on the OpenMoko to give it a free java stack. Go Jim! OpenMoko and OLPC are really exciting developments. Finally fully open hardware combined with Free Software to make them do precisely what you want. World […]

GNU Classpath 0.95 “Take Five”

This release adds some serious jazz: Full merge of 1.5 generics work. Bootstrappable with OpenJDK javac compiler. URLConnection timeout support. TimeZone can use platform zoneinfo file when available. The Collection classes, and util.spi have been updated to 1.6. Addition of 1.6 ServiceLoader. Speedup for cairo and freetype Graphics2D support. The ASM library is now […]


Dalibor is always much more eloquent than I am. He made the core observation that explains my (and I know from discussions on irc a lot of other people) double feeling about the “open letter” that Geir send to Sun in a recent thread on the GNU Classpath mailinglist. In principle I am for an […]

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative Ensure that Software Freedom is a reality beyond the desktop, and available in the hands of users around the world. Technologies Under Consideration Java ME Nice and interesting to see where this is going.

Nice tools

Caolan McNamara – Backtraces and prelink Rob Bradford – OProfileUI Profiling made pretty

Summer of Code – Integration is our game

GNU Classpath wasn’t directly participating in Summer of Code. But since we are in the integration business between various projects and communities it still resulted in some interesting projects for us that I am excited to see happen. There is the proposal from Mario Torre for Gnome/GStreamer Desktop sound integration for Java for the GNU […]


Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 released – happily upgrading some boxes now. Jeremy Allison talks about Working for The Man¬† ¬†Proprietary environments are a trap What will get very interesting in the future is the effect a fully open Java platform will have on the software environment in the next ten years. After initially ignoring Java due […]

GCJ JBoss Ahoy!

Andrew Haley posted a nice sneak preview: Go! Go! Go! Team