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Observe, systemtap and oprofile updates

Without much fanfare systemtap 0.8 was released a little while ago. There is one little tidbit in the release notes that does warrent some excitement though: User space probing is supported at a prototype level, for kernels built with the utrace patches. So what does that mean? Take for example the para-callgraph.stp script: $ stap […]

Paul Frields made me smile

Paul wrote about “Fedora 10 around the corner!” and said something really nice: Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you, the reader, if I haven’t already. You’re part of our community too, and without you we would be diminished. Free software isn’t just about bits and bytes, it’s about people, about doing […]

About trust in the community, Swing and JavaFX

This post by Kirill Grouchnikov from Pushing Pixels made me sad: Trust is hard to build and easy to destroy Are we really doing that badly? Ever since the full GPL release by Sun of the reference implementation of Java as OpenJDK and the positive wave that IcedTea brought to unite the existing libre java […]