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Putting two and two together

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GNU Classpath – All together

Always wanted to know how those people writing on Planet Classpath and those hard working GNU Classpath hackers looked liked? Please let me know if you want another picture in there or if that picture isn’t you, but some random other person with the same name on the internet.


Happy to see so much positive feedback to Mark Howard’s post about the java-gnome status. One reply was really interesting since it came with a presentation ”From thin clients to web apps and back again”. The part on Development Technology explains the platform (GNU/Linux – liveCDs), programming language (java), widget-set (java-gnome), and development platform/runtime (gcj), […]

02 Oct 2004

Advogato When advogato was down a couple of months ago I moved my diary to my own site. Which also hosts Planet Classpath. I should probably try to cross post my dairy on advogato since it is a nice community. gcj Saw that rbultje had some trouble with GNU gcj. It is always painful to […]