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Random blogs and news

Essien Ita Essien on GNU GOATS on JAVA Business as we know it is changing fast, and innovations like this are the reason. Like I said earlier, these are exciting times. OSNews on Fedora, Java And GCJ Along with the large number of free and open source Java packages made available in Fedora Core 4 […]

Respect your packager!

Last week I tried to help Michael with the Debian native Eclipse package and this week I played a bit with the Fedora JOnAS package. It thought me to respect the work of the packagers a lot more. Gary explained how to get a package dependency graph. So I tried to make one for Eclipse […]

Dumping your brain

Sven was kind enough to do a little braindump of his thoughts on GNU Classpath Graphics2D Images and Text support.

JOnAS GCJ Fedora packages

Gary did it! (with a little help from jpackage)

ODB swing progress

It doesn’t look precisely like the example picture yet, but it is getting there.

Helping out Robert

If you are at LinuxTag, have your laptop with you, and want to see cool GNU Classpath demos please contact Robert Unfortunately my notebook’s harddrive is faulty making it impossible for me to show running application’s :( (I am running Knoppix now) My plan was to show a plain Eclipse from which is compiled […]

Funky stuff (embedded Spring!)

Spring, Jetty, and Velocity using GCJ on single board computers We have integrated Spring, Jetty, and Velocity all on a SBC running embedded Linux. We compiled the Spring et al. under gcj 3.3 to native xscale object code. It works beautifully – it’s fast and reliable, with all of the Spring functionality intact. Funky!

21 Jun 2005

GNU Classpath/gcj presentations at LinuxTag If you are near or in Germany please don’t forget to go to LinuxTag this week (22 – 25 June, Karlsruhe). On Saturday 25 June there will be 2 presentations on GNU Classpath/GCJ: Robert Schuster – GNU Classpath (in German) Andrew Haley – GCJ and Classpath: A Free Implementation of […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Interesting statistics on book sales. Especially in the light of the latest fedora rawhide updates showing lots of free packages going in now based on gcj. Debian/Ubuntu and the rest of the distributions will have to catch up quick. Although I hope the distributions will try to coordinate a bit on naming, versioning, etc. Fedora […]

Guadec 6 & Fisl 6.0

Finally put up the pictures of Guadec 6 and Fisl 6.0.   David Wheeler also posted a nice Travelogue of his trip to Brazil, Fisl, lots of photos and some comments about our presentations. And I stayed until 10pm, because several presentations were about Java implementations. People such as Bruno Souza (president of SouJava, a […]