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gcj-jit: what is it?

Robert asks: What is this gcj-jit about? It sounds like an interface to the ahead of time compiler – something like a pseudo jit? Ranjit replies: See: Using gcj as a JIT Compiler For entertainment purposes only: gcj-JIT Andrew’s comments are priceless: You may find this interesting. On the other hand, you may find it […]

13 Jun 2005

Fedora Core 4 released! One of the comments to the The Amazing Fedora Core 4! announcement was: Sweet. OO.o 2.0 and Eclipse in an all-Free-Software distribution. Happy, happy, joy joy! So go and try it out! (Or help test the Debian eclipse packages.)

The endgame

NewsForge published The GNU Compiler for Java comes of age. Tromey says, “I often think about our endgame. What will it mean when GNU Classpath is complete? How can we be better than the proprietary JVMs but still be compatible?” And for our German loving readers there is GNU Classpath – Was gibt es Neues? […]

Pinky and The Brain return

Finally back in The Netherlands, adjusting to the cold Dutch summer after the warm Brazilian winter. Dalibor and I drew up at least 20 World Domination plans. But after seeing the enthousiasm in Germany and especially Brazil I am convinced we have already won. Just imagine standing in a huge room with hunderds of people […]

GNU Classpath and Kaffe slides (FISL 6.0)

See our shared presentation on GNU Classpath & Kaffe. There are some extra slides at the end that we didn’t use during this presentation but that we did show either during our individual talks or when we were talking to people one-on-one.

Feeling young again

I think I know why they call Europe the old continent. In Brazil they know how to party till 04:00 AM and still have a full program around all things Free Software from 09:00 till 20:00. Amazing amount of energy here. These people grok Free Software! Dalibor and I are working together nicely. We seem […]