Archive for February 2004

15 Feb 2004

Free JOnAS and Cajo! RMI expert needed Andrew Haley started a discussion on what was needed to free JOnAS. And I looked in what was missing/broken in GNU Classpath to free Cajo. Looks like we have most things already, but we will need some RMI fixes and extensions. So if you are a RMI expert, […]

14 Feb 2004

Free AWT and Free Swing Seems Free Swing was just the start. Graydon Hoare, Olga Rodimina, Kim Ho, Andrew Overholt, David Jee, Thomas Fitzsimmons and Fernando Nasser decided they could do much more and much faster. So they created a branch for libgcj to really concentrate on hacking Free AWT and Swing stuff. They already […]

13 Feb 2004

FOSDEM FOSDEM here we come! The organization has provider a killer schedule! And we have added some nice presentations for our developer room. If you are a GNU Classpath, kaffe, gcj, sablevm, ikvm, jaos, wonka, java-gnome, or free java packager and like to see a strong support for free software written in the java programming […]