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Michael Meeks on Copyright Assignment

Michael Meeks published a though provoking essay called Some thoughts on Copyright Assignment. It is a must read when working with Free Software projects that request legal assignment of contributions to a corporation. It contains sane recommendations both for individual contributors, project leaders and corporations seeking assignments.

Next step – SystemTap java hotspot jstack() support

Just checked in support for getting java backtraces from hotspot through systemtap. This is the next step in making not just the kernel and native programs observable, but also runtime based languages with SystemTap. And it is pretty powerful. It allows you to answer the question “How did I get here?” in combination with any […]

FudCon Success – Systemtap meets Python

At FudCon, David Malcolm, Jon VanAlten, Will Cohen and I sat down, had some fun and made tracing python methods through systemtap possible: 0 python(20122): => search_function in Lib/encodings/ 15 python(20122):  => normalize_encoding in Lib/encodings/ 37 python(20122):  <= normalize_encoding 170 python(20122):  => <module> in Lib/encodings/ 193 python(20122):   => IncrementalEncoder in Lib/encodings/ 206 python(20122):   <= IncrementalEncoder […]

Going to FudCon

Currently stuck at heathrow airport… But I will make it to Canada somehow for FudCon. Hopefully with some nice systemtap jstack java hotspot backtrace examples. They finally actually started to work. Weeee!