Archive for September 2004

New screenshots, demo code and gcc performance

Grzegorz posted some free swing screenshots to show what is possible now with compilers and runtimes based on GNU Classpath 0.11 (which he is integrating into SableVM now). These are mostly random pieces of (“real world”) swing code that now also work with our implementation. GNU Classpath 0.11 also comes with GNU Classpath Examples which […]

GNU Classpath 0.11 developer snapshot

We finally managed to release the GNU Classpath 0.11 developer snapshot. Highlights: Inclusion of full javax.crypto,, and subpackages. Complete implementation of java.awt.geom. GTK+ 2.4 AWT peer implementation for AWT FileDialog, better java.awt.image LookupTable, Kernel and BufferedImage support. AWT 1.0 Event Model implemented. New Swing classes (Spring, SpringLayout, JMenu, JPopupMenu, JColorChooser, JComboBox, JTextField, internal […]

More java.awt.geom, more JFreeChart

Cleaned up my ugly hacks, Graydon Hoare explained which asserts were real and which were bogus, Michael Koch created a real patch for TextArea and I added the latest java.awt.geom work from Sven de Marothy to the gcj gui branch. A nice screen shot of a Pie chart, Meter chart, Compass plot and a Wafermap […]

Documentation, tests and JFreeChart

GNU Classpath is going very strong. We got a couple of new hackers helping out and some of them concentrate on Documentation and Testing of the whole library. One of them is David Gilbert of JFreeChart fame. He has written hunderds of new Mauve tests. This has not only found a couple of bugs in […]