New screenshots, demo code and gcc performance

Grzegorz posted some free swing screenshots to show what is possible now with compilers and runtimes based on GNU Classpath 0.11 (which he is integrating into SableVM now). These are mostly random pieces of (“real world”) swing code that now also work with our implementation.

GNU Classpath 0.11 also comes with GNU Classpath Examples which tries to provide a real complete demo environment for Free Swing, and AWT. The nice thing about GNU Classpath Examples is that it shows real working code that you can use now with any GNU Classpath based environment. We need more such examples. Paul Fisher gave me the source code for a simple Animator applet that I will integrate soon. But simple examples of how to use Collections (java.util), Regular Expression (java.util.regex), IO Streams (, Internationalisation (java.text), 2D graphics (java.awt.geom), database access (java.sql) etc. etc. would all be really appreciated. I hope that when GNU Classpath 1.0 is finally released it will come with lots of example code that shows how big, powerful and easy to use our library actually is.

Both Robert and Grzegorz have noticed that JamVM and SableVM, and I guess all interpreter like code, degrades a bit with newer GCC releases. Interested GCC developers might want to read the analyses of Robert for JamVM and the analyses of Grzegorz for SableVM.