02 Oct 2004


When advogato was down a couple of months ago I moved my diary to my own site. Which also hosts Planet Classpath. I should probably try to cross post my dairy on advogato since it is a nice community.


Saw that rbultje had some trouble with GNU gcj. It is always painful to see someones first steps with one of your projects be so hard. Especially since he hit a long standing usability bug. The solution to your problem was to do:

cd ..
gcj -o myapp application/*.java --main=application.Application

But that probably only makes sense if you know a little bit more about how gcj (and java in general) puts modules (packages) in directories, but uses dot (.) in source files or when indicating classes in a package on the command line.

Not being able to find the GTK+ AWT libraries is strange though. If you installed gcc yourself then you need to configure with --enable-java-awt=gtk, --enable-java-awt=xlib for the pure xlib version or, if you want both, --enable-java-awt=gtk,xlib. Normally distributions do already ship packages like this. If you are using Debian unstable then please note that the current libgcj5-awt package is broken in testing/sarge. This should be solved by the package in unstable that hopefully enters testing before the freeze.

Please send an email to the mailinglist if you have trouble with gcj. Or drop by on #gcj on irc.oftc.net. There are always people there that might be able to help and get you through your first steps in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to spend hours struggling on your own.