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Status reports

Ranjit asked for status reports. But I don’t have anything to report (since I am still not finished with the big gui update). So I will just point to the Kaffe plans of: Guilhem Lavaux Dalibor Topic Jim Pick The Kaffe hackers seriously rock. And the cool thing is that when Jim finishes that last […]

GCJ and the Desktop

The first report of Thomas his talk given at the Desktop Developers’ Conference is in.

Somebody’s Acting Like A Child

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers were in the Melkweg today.

Viewing pleasure

As I said before we need to get Thomas Fitzsimmons his own blog. Here is what he just posted to the mailinglist: Hi, With my latest round of AWT patches we can now run Slime Volleyball – in my opinion the best game on the web ;-) I’ve posted some screenshots for your viewing pleasure: […]


Finally had time again to read. I can really recommend the books of J.M. Coetzee, Boyhood and Youth. Also bought Paul Graham his book Hackers and Painters, which is a very inspiring book giving hackers lots of hope. Also very recommended. Please run to your magazine store to get a copy of Linux Journal which […]

The Netherlands withdraws support for software patents directive

The motion in parlement to change the official Dutch vote against the derictive of the Counsel and for the version of the European Parlement didn’t make it. But we at least got a retraction of the vote in support. This doesn’t mean Europe is saved from patents on algorithms, business methods and ideas yet, but […]