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29 Dec 2002

More Eclipse Slashdot published a story about Eclipse running on our free java platform. But I missed all the fun because I was out of town. We got more then 25.000 “visits”, 150.000 hits and 10GB of data traffic. Ouch. But now a lot more people know about this milestone :) Jeroen Frijters took the […]

26 Dec 2002

Free Eclipse! The last couple of days have been really nice. This weekend two of my friends, Vincent Partington and Erwin Bolwidt come over for a weekend of free software hacking. They were both really enthusiastic about Eclipse for developing in java. Since Tom tromey already mentioned that he got Eclipse starting up once using […]

17 Dec 2002

GCJ 3.3 Did an a lot of testing and rebuilding of the GCC: GNU Compiler Collection. That is such a big project and my machine is so slow… But it seems that at least GNU gcj 3.3 is already in good shape. Made lists of Mauve testresult status and Other testsuite failures. Two months will […]

15 Dec 2002

GCC 3.3 Yeah! GCC: GNU Compiler Collection has branched for 3.3. I am really excited since at least GNU gcj 3.3 is a big improvement over 3.2. And it opens the door for exciting new development for 3.4. GNU Classpath has implementations of java.awt, java.util.prefs and java.util.logging that are all waiting to be imported into […]

14 Dec 2002

GNU Crypto GNU Crypto has fastly grown to a full blown crypto library for java. It is now also a java security provider. So we have been solving all the bugs in GNU Classpath that prevented security providers to work. And it seems we are now almost there. And GNU gcj produces really fast crypto […]