29 Dec 2002

More Eclipse

Slashdot published a story about Eclipse running on our free java platform. But I missed all the fun because I was out of town. We got more then 25.000 “visits”, 150.000 hits and 10GB of data traffic. Ouch. But now a lot more people know about this milestone :)

Jeroen Frijters took the latest sources from GNU Classpath and made them work with his IKVM.NET. Eclipse running on .NET, Wow! Now if someone makes sure that IKVM.NET works on DotGNU Portable.NET or Mono we would have a very nice bridge between the free java and .net worlds. Fun, fun, fun!

In a way it is to sad that there will be a releases soon of GNU Classpath and GNU gcj. There is so much to do before we release. But secretly I just want to work on getting Eclipse working even better. Choices, choices…