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Preparing for LinuxTag

For my LinuxTag talk I wrote a little paper giving an overview of the GNU Classpath ecosystem. I hope it will give a nice overview of the why, how and what we have done. The talk (and the paper) main focus is on what you can do right now on modern GNU/Linux distributions. But if […]

GNU Classpath, GCJ, Fedora, Eclipse

Red Hat Magazine has two nice articles on GNU Classpath, gcj and Eclipse in the new Fedora by Igor and Tom: Introduction to Eclipse on Fedora by Igor Foox Confessions of an Eclipse convert by Tom Tromey And the general Inside Fedora Core 5 article has some notes on Azeureus support.

14 Apr 2006

Bringing free software to the masses zdnet uk has a nice interview with Peter Brown the executive director of the Free Software Foundation. It is good to see some more FSF people get some exposure in the press lately. It is facinating how different in personality people like Richard, Eben and Peter are. And how […]

13 Apr 2006

GCJ support in JPP 1.7 Proposal Thomas Fitzsimmons has a nice proposal to add GCJ support to JPackage spec files. That sounds really nice. Good packaging and version support seems to be the next barrier. We know we have pretty good free software implementations of the core libraries, compilers and tools. Now we need to […]

Lets act professional

That is one interesting acquisition. I hope that means someone will cleanup the code that makes JBoss work with GNU Classpath/jamvm/cacao and makes sure it is also finally tested against gcj :)

08 Apr 2006

LinuxTag I will give a talk at LinuxTag (Wiesbaden, Germany, 3-6 May) this year about GNU Classpath. The talk will be a bit more high-level then what we did during Fosdem. I will mainly talk about the things people can do right now with what is included with their current GNU/Linux distributions. Since I will […]

01 Apr 2006

Mozilla completely relicensed Congratulations to the Mozilla team. The long relicensing process is finally complete. All the code in the Mozilla source code repository which makes up Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Camino is now available under your choice of the MPL, LGPL or GPL! And another barrier falls. I cannot wait till GPLv3 is released […]