13 Apr 2006

GCJ support in JPP 1.7 Proposal

Thomas Fitzsimmons has a nice proposal to add
GCJ support to JPackage spec files. That sounds really nice. Good packaging and version support seems to be the next barrier. We know we have pretty good free software implementations of the core libraries, compilers and tools. Now we need to build better integration of all the packages we support for the various GNU/Linux distributions. And if we can reuse the work of the JPackage group that would be great.

jrvm, jdwp and free swing/awt support

Ian Rogers has been very active. He got the GNU Classpath Free Swing and AWT working with jrvm. And he has been playing with the GNU Classpath JDWP implementation. At the end of the thread Keith explains what works and what needs work (at least for gij). Cool stuff.