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30 Jul 2005

Towards a standard of Freedom Facinating article by Benjamin Mako Hill. It makes cristal clear why I have been feeling a bit uneasy about the Creative Commons. It is clearly a very good things to have. But something was missing. In Towards a Standard of Freedom: Creative Commons and the Free Software Movement Mako explains […]

28 Jul 2005

Events and presentations Collected the recent events and presentations. It gives a good overview of how the ecosystem around GNU Classpath is evolving. If you go to Oscon make sure to say hi to Tom. Anthony said he would give a small presentation at the San Francisco LinuxWorld show. Upcoming Events: [1-5 Aug 2005] OSCON, […]

27 Jul 2005

How does ‘that company’ treat free software? Nice article by RMS on how to ‘judge’ a company. I guess he gets asked that a lot. So what can we say about Sun? Can we add up these three very different comportments and get an overall measure of how a whole company treats the Free World? […]

26 Jul 2005

Huge rise in GCJ usage on Fedora Core John M. Gabriele posted a very nice overview of fedora core gcj package to the Fedora Core gcj mailinglist. It has a huge list of packages that are available out of the box now and explains the relationship between those packages and The discussion on the […]

Kaffe –enable-jvmpi

Guilhem made JMP work with kaffe. JMP is a profiler for java that can be used to trace objects usage and method timings. JMP uses the JVMPI interface to gather statistics and interact with the JVM. JMP uses a GTK+ interface to show the status. And it is released under the GPL! A few pictures […]

Thanks a Million!

David Gilbert gave us some good news: And Andrew Haley quoted some wise words: When a very well-known and widely respected computer scientist recently used [lines of code as a measure of] programmer productivity in a lecture, the suggestion came from the audience that, instead of talking about “the lines of code produced” we should […]

GNU Classpatchy 0.17

Weeee! This is mainly a bug fix release for issues found with eclipse 3.1 and Free Swing applications just after our 0.16 release. But it also includes some exciting new features. XML DOM, XPATH and XSL fixes. Free Swing is much more responsive. JInternalFram, JTree, JMenu, JTable, JButton and JFileChooser fixes. FileChannel lock and force […]

CACAO “Tomclipse”

Played a bit with the latest Cacao Tomclipse release. This runtime has matured nicely. It is way more stable then the old 0.91 release. As the screenshot page shows real world applications now just work and on a wide range of processors (Alpha, i386, MIPS (64-bit), PowerPC (32-bit) and x86_64). And it actually is really […]

JTree is working upto par

Lillian checked in a JTree icons patch and says our JTree is now working “upto par”.

06 Jul 2005

Europe rejects software patents! European Parliament says no to software patents, yes to innovation. Thank you Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure. Thank you And thanks to all those individuals that called, phoned, faxed and demonstrated these last couple of years. Hopefully this shows that european democracy can work. Even if it takes a […]