GNU Classpatchy 0.17

This is mainly a bug fix release for issues found with eclipse 3.1 and Free Swing applications just after our 0.16 release. But it also includes some exciting new features.

XML DOM, XPATH and XSL fixes. Free Swing is much more responsive. JInternalFram, JTree, JMenu, JTable, JButton and JFileChooser fixes. FileChannel lock and force implementations added. The logging FileHandler now rotates files. Clean locking and namespace for gtkpeer library. System call interrupts and timeouts are now handled correctly for net and nio. Corba bug fixes. Lots of documentation updates. The VM Integration Guide now comes with a full section on the VM/Classpath hooks. GNU Classpath Examples now includes a Tree World demo.

21 people actively contributed code to this release and made 171 CVS commits during the two weeks of development.
diffstat since 0.16: 3638 files changed, 25798 insertions(+), 15596 deletions(-)
This release passes 29508 out of 30320 Mauve core library tests.

Now that was fun!