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Free ticket

Weiqi Gao has a nice piece about innovative usage of the GNU Classpath stack. Weiqi notes projects adopting GNU Classpath and free runtimes/compilers like gcj and ikvm get the freedom to move to new kinds of platforms and get new distribution opportunities: Take a look at the free tools. You may have already won a […]

24 Jan 2006

GNU Classpath-Jikes-JamVM on a Nokia 770 More fun experiments to get everything working on small devices. Cool stuff with ready to run arm .deb packages. (Now if I only had such a device… sniff.)

email is such a broken concept

A new list server is in the works. It will be a great update but till it is installed email to some of the classpath mailinglists can take hours to arrive… So we finally decided to move the the lists temporarily to another server. We have several hunderds of subscribers so I hope the […]

20 Jan 2006

It’s java-gnome week! Fun for the whole family! Guess this means next week I need to finally update Snark Gnome. (ben and andrew actually did all the work for that already months ago, I am just lazy…)

GNU Classpath 0.20 released

We did it again! :) New StAX pull parser and SAX-over-StAX driver. Full XMLEncoder implementation. The packages javax.sound.sampled, javax.print.attribute and javax.print.event have been implemented. Lots of new datatransfer, print, swing and swing.text work. Performance improvements in the painting/layout mechanism. Additional 1.5 support, including (separate) generic branch release. SecurityManager cleanups and start of review of all […]

More builder goodness is getting more goodness. We now have daily builds available (if make distcheck succeeds). So for those of you who want to help test the next (0.20) snapshot release please check the -pre dist tar ball. The autobuilder runs a couple of times a day so it should be fairly fresh. It might also […]


Interesting experiment: micro-libgcj. micro-libgcj is a lightweight version of the GCJ project’s runtime library (libgcj), intended to provide a usable subset of Java’s features while remaining small and self-contained. Whereas libgcj is intended to be a complete J2SE implementation based on GNU Classpath, micro-libgcj provides only enough functionality to support core Java language semantics. We […]

05 Jan 2006

GNU Classpath and friends meeting during Fosdem 2006 The official GNU Classpath and friends meeting program is available. Looks like it will be a great event. February 25 and 26 in Brussles, Belgium. And as always there are also a lot of other cool talks to attend during Fosdem 2006.

eclipse-cdt enters debian unstable – JNode 0.2.2

eclipse-cdt entered Debian unstable. Making the ClasspathHackingWithEclipse setup work nicely out of the box on Debian. yeah! (wiki updated) JNode 0.2.2 was released today. The JNode developers are often quiet (not many posts on the mailinglist, no blogs) but they seem to work very hard.

01 Jan 2006

2006! Moving The ADSL, telephone and cable companies are not playing nice which means I have had no internet access in my new house last week and probably won’t have any next week. It took a couple of days to get used to. And I cannot say that I particularly like it. But I must […]