email is such a broken concept

A new list server is in the works. It will be a great update but till it is installed email to some of the classpath mailinglists can take hours to arrive… So we finally decided to move the the lists temporarily to another server. We have several hunderds of subscribers so I hope the move isn’t too disruptive. Please do contact me directly if you have any trouble after the move (scheduled at the end of this day).

Of course at the same day spamcop blacklists and we are getting lots of bounce messages from people using this RBL. And getting unsubscribed by mailman after too many bounces. Bleah. Email is such a broken concept these days. Sigh… All people unsubscribed this way will be resubscribed after the move automatically, but please do check one of the mailinglist archives (see the end of that page for other archives) to see whether you missed any emails.