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14 Jul 2002

More Progress Anthony Green is my hero! He is doing what robilad was suggesting. If the mountain doesn’t come to the compiler, you bring the compiler to the mountain. He setup rhug a collection of java packages built with gcj. The current list of packages is nice and long. He now also made rhug RPMS […]

12 Jul 2002

Progress Did I complain about not enough progress in the free java community? I probably spoke to soon :) Today I (with help from Andrew Haley) added a patch to GNU gcj for StackTraceElement support. Which means that we now have usefull exception chaining and that you can get at some nice meta information when […]

11 Jul 2002

Certification I really need to read some more about the certification and trust metric stuff because I just don’t seem to get it. And maybe I am using the certification completely the wrong way since the results surprise me so much. I have gone from Apprentice to Master because robilad thinks I deserve that status. […]