12 Jul 2002


Did I complain about not enough progress in the free java community? I probably spoke to soon :)

Today I (with help from Andrew Haley) added a patch to GNU gcj for StackTraceElement support. Which means that we now have usefull exception chaining and that you can get at some nice meta information when your program throws exceptions.

Jeroen Frijters is building a JVM for .NET using GNU Classpath. He even supplies us with usefull bug reports.

The Jikes compiler has a new release (1.16) which adds support for assertions and kills some nasty bugs.

And since I had trouble getting ORP working with a recent Classpath CVS tree I tried Kissme which works out of the box with Classpath from CVS. I did find some bugs but it didn’t do that bad on the Mauve testsuite.