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Going to the moon!

David posted the new StatCVS scores: We are still going strong! The Mauve test suite has seen a lot of new additions. And it takes a long time now to run through them all. Luckily Tom has setup an autotester that warns about regressions if it sees a new mauve failure when someone commits something […]


Updated FreeSwingTestApps and finally tried out BeanShell. I am impressed! It is a great way to quickly test out some things. It builds out of the box with GNU Classpath. The swing gui needs some work, but you can actually try some Free Swing stuff now. And Robert made BshBot that you can see in […]

28 Oct 2005

Eclipse 3.1 and OpenOffice 2.0 hit Debian unstable Happy to see both eclipse 3.1 and OpenOffice 2.0 hit Debian main. Fun with small devices Found some interesting things people do with GNU Classpath these days: OSGi on the Slug (using GNU Classpath and JamVM) Compiling JamVM from source and running OSGi on it


Away from the internet for a week. So don’t expect me to reply to email quickly. Tom wrote an article for Red Hat magazine Fedora and the J-word full of nice hints and tips on gcj. Havoc Pennington wrote up some observations about server programming in java. His conclusion: GNU Classpath will save us! Thanks […]

20 Oct 2005

i2p – GCJ support is on the way Nice liberation story from the i2p project: In any case, this is quite kickass, as it means we’ll be able to both integrate more cleanly with other languages AND ship whereever GCJ ships (DFSG friendly!) Thanks go to the GCJ and GNU Classpath folks for their hard […]

GNU Classpath vs Jonas and JBoss

Andrew posted some nice results showing that we now pass more than 95% of the Jonas test suite with gcj. That prompted Christian and me to see how far we could get with JBoss on Cacao and JamVM with GNU Classpath. After some hacking 4.0.3 actually starts up: Not very stable at the moment. But […]

Completing the picture

A couple of important new releases to complete the “GNU Classpath picture” this week: Casey Marshall released Jessie 1.0.1 a Secure Sockets Extension for programming network sockets with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Julian Scheid released gjdoc 0.7.6 the GNU documentation generation framework for java source files. Casey also made a GNU Crypto 2.1.0 RC1 […]

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

It has been a long time since I read a book in one go cover to cover. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon was a really nice read. And then I heard the sound like swordfighting and the roaring of a train coming into the station and I worked […]


Robert setup FreeSwingTestApps to have a collection of Free Software applications that we could use to test out our Free Swing implementation. I tested a couple with GNU Classpath CVS embedded in GCC/GCJ CVS and we are definitely making some nice progress: As you can see Weka has some buttons not drawn precisely where they […]

Resolve bug, changing resolution to THATSNOTABUGTHATSAFEATURE

Norman Hendrich has supplied us with a stream of very high quality bug reports. Today he filed a “bug” to celebrate the hard work of Lillian, Roman, Tom F.,Tony and all other Free Swing and AWT hackers. It will be a pleasure to close this bug :) Update: Norman said some nice things on the […]