Resolve bug, changing resolution to THATSNOTABUGTHATSAFEATURE

Norman Hendrich has supplied us with a stream of very high quality bug reports. Today he filed a “bug” to celebrate the hard work of Lillian, Roman, Tom F.,Tony and all other Free Swing and AWT hackers. It will be a pleasure to close this bug :)

Update: Norman said some nice things on the mailinglist:

a while ago I made myself some enemies complaining about the AWT/Swing support in gcj. Back then, I was really frustrated about obscure compiler bugs in gcj being fixed within minutes, while even small test programs would crash…

Since then, I swiched from testing gcj+classpath to jamvm+classpath. Overall, the progress with Swing is really astonishing, despite a few drawbacks due to added functionality (like the accessibility stuff, better plaf support, and the repainting refactoring).

Perhaps submitting bug reports with testcases made all the difference?

Some days during the last weeks, it really felt like I had three or four people working just for me: thanks Lillian, Roman, Tony, and Tom F. Naturally, thanks to all the other AWT and Swing hackers, too. I would submit a few bug reports in the morning from Hamburg, and fixes started to come in from all over the world the same day.

Thanks Norman! You truly are our “gui-testing-adversary”. People seem to really like to beat you at this testing game by fixing even the most cunning test you can throw at them.