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So what is the first thing you try out on your little bare arm board when you get IcedTea, Cacao and gcjwebplugin working? You try to play slime volleyball of course! Read all about it on Xerxes Rånby’s blog.

Assemble your java from free standard pieces

Just saw A Lazy Developer Approach: Building a JVM with Third Party Software by Nicolas Geoffray, Gael Thomas, Charles Clement and Bertil Folliot. They show something I always found super cool about the community around GNU Classpath and the free software community in general. Working together on parts of free software to enable everybody to […]

Calling all m68k volunteers…

Things that make you smile: From: Matthias Klose To: Subject: building openjdk-6 for m68k the openjdk-6 6b11-4 should build on m68k. It may take a few weeks, but I currently don’t see any issue with it. If you do so, please keep the build tree, so that the testsuite can be run, after the […]

The JavaFX Trap

You would hope that Sun would get it by now, but apparently not :{ From the new JavaFX license: “Licensee is not authorized to modify, make derivative works of, disclose, distribute, reverse engineer or disassemble the Technology, decompile binary portions of the Technology, or otherwise attempt to derive source code from such portions, or transfer […]