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Ruby + GNU Classpath = Ruva

Funky stuff. Ruva: A simple stack-based virtual machine implementation written entirely in Ruby which uses GNU Classpath as core library implementation.

Party! I mean, serious collaboration at Fosdem

As always GNU Classpath and Friends will come to Fosdem (Brussels, Belgium, 24/25 February) to discuss “the state of the world”. Obviously one big event going on in 2007 will be the OpenJDK project and figuring out how to work together. Normally we call this meeting “Escape the Java Trap”, but with Sun’s recent announcement […]

GNU Classpath + PhoneME + SDLJava + cacao/jamvm/kaffe = MIDPath

MIDPath provides a MIDP2 implementation on top of the SDL and SDLJava libraries. It targets free JVMs working with GNU Classpath: Cacao, Kaffe, JamVM. The code is based on phoneME, the free implementation of MIDP2 from Sun. MIDPath is released under the GPL. Now you can play all those cool java phone games on your […]

GNU Classpath 0.93 “Dreamland”

Last week GNU Classpath 0.93 “Dreamland” was finally released. As always this is the best release ever! The screenshots look really nice. And you should really go through the very extensive release notes which discuss everything. Highlights of new features in this release, pointers to supported applications and screenshots, the status and future of the […]

17 Dec 2006

FSF year-end fund-raiser The FSF is doing a year-end fund-raiser for their 2007 campaigns for software freedom. Their target is 300 new FSF members. So, if you aren’t a FSF member please consider becoming one now. And if you do it through the following link I might actually get RMS on my answering machine! How […]