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JaLiMo – free java stacks for maemo and openmoko

Somehow I had missed JaLiMo (shame on me, it is sponsored by Tarent and Robert Schuster is also working on it) which provides free java stacks for maemo and openmoko, based on Cacao, JamVM, GNU Classpath, java-gnome and MIDPath. They will give a talk at LinuxTag titled Java-Linux-Mobile Platform. Wish I could go. Or better, […]

Eben Moglen on Microsoft’s summer of fear

Eben Moglen spoke at the Red Hat Summit last week. Imagine a party who engages in recurrent threats every summer time for years on end. On a sort of annual Be Very Afraid tour. I know it sounds absurd. Imagine now that what happens is that the annual Be Very Afraid tour starts creating terrible […]

Exhausted and Happy

That was one fun week! It was so great to meet Dalibor Topic, Casey Marshall, David Daney, Tom Tromey and Tom Fitzsimmons who feel like old friends even though we really only meet and work together virtually. OpenJDK is now in full swing and Sun put up a great show at JavaOne. We were all […]

JavaOne & OpenJDK source drop

I am at JavaOne now where the OpenJDK source drop was announced and Dalibor got onto the governance board. It is a madhouse here. Lots of fun. Congrats to all the Sun people for making all this happen. Hope we will be able to clear the last encumberments really quick.