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Swing your Hypertree!

Roman Kennke decided to show off the ultra cool HyperTree library on top of GNU Classpath, jamvm and the libgcj gui branch. Graydon Hoare then decided that it was time to show how much Free Swing has matured. And you can join the fun by testing Thomas Fitzsimmons his GCJ-based GUI development environment with JHBuild. […]

How are we going to call it now?

Jim Huang does it again! The FrozenBubble applet works with gcjwebplugin on kaffe. Read his instructions or watch the screenshot.

Sun, Java and Free Software

Since it seems every 6 months or so Sun makes some noise about Java and Free Software I asked Dalibor Topic and Ean Schuessler about their recent experiences with getting access to the TCK for Kaffe and Ean his encounter with Simon Phipps at FISL. Dalibor still hasn’t heard anything about how he or the […]


Sorry, only in Dutch. Hoop softwareindustrie gevestigd op de magie van de ossenhoorn. For those that don’t read Dutch, you can look at these pictures to see how some people are preparing to blow away patents on software from the Netherlands. For those that do read Dutch, there is some more background info.


It exists. Sure beats having to write your own fold in bash…

Red Hat and Native Eclipse

When reading the Native Eclipse article I had to think back to my visit to Red Hat in Toronto. Since I was going to the GCC Summit in Ottawa anyway I really wanted to meet some of the people working there that I had never seen in person. And I am very glad I did. […]

Going native (another article about GCJ)

Another article about GCJ and CNI (Programmer’s Toolchest) in the July number of Dr. Dobb’s Journal by Gene Sally. It compares CNI with traditional JNI: CNI contains well thought out constructs for method invocation, property access, exception handling, and synchronization. Using these constructs instead of their JNI procedural equivalents means you can get the same […]

Eclipse goes Native

LinuxJournal published the article ”Eclipse Goes Native” by John Healy, Andrew Haley and Tom Tromey: Red Hat’s Eclipse Engineering team has freed the popular integrated development environment from its ties to a proprietary Java Virtual Machine. To compile Eclipse natively, Red Hat’s Eclipse Engineering team used GCJ, a free, optimizing, ahead-of-time compiler for Java. GCJ […]

Chinese AWT on Kaffe

Jim Huang did it! (with thanks to the gcj and gtk+ hackers)

GNU and free java everywhere

Chris Burdess worked like a dog and made some very fine releases of GNU JAF (javax.activation), GNU JavaMail (javax.mail, plus extra NNTP, mbox, and Maildir providers) and GNU inetlib (finger, gopher and ftp URL stream handlers, plus utility classes for nntp, imap, pop3 and smtp client support). These packages can use GNU Crypto and Jessie […]