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ComboBox Demo

David Gilbert added another Demo to GNU Classpath Examples: Nice work! Free Swing is slowly getting better and better.

29 Sep 2005

LWN article on Oldenburg DevJam published my article about the GNU Classpath distro DevJam – Europe.Subscribe to LWN to read it now, or wait till next week when it is available for non-subscribers.

DevJam was great…

… but apparently not where the action really was. Returning home I was greeted by an INBOX containing: Reworked JComponent and JViewport painting for much faster and flicker free swing by Roman. An imageio BMP-reader plugin by Sven. The start of java.util.Formatter by Tom. Completion of BoxLayout by Roman. Diffie Hellman key algorithms by Casey. […]

OpenJump starting up

No, we didn’t just drink beer. Wolfgang Bär and I (with some remote help from Lillian) got Jump Unified Mapping Platform starting up: This will be a really nice application to get working completely, lots of stuff to fix :)

24 Sep 2005

Advogato bloggers are back Hurray!. Thanks to quad all the Planet Classpath advogator blogs have been reinstated.

Advogato disappears?

Sorry for those with advogato diaries. I have temporarily removed them from Planet Classpath till I figure out where advogato went.

DevJam Arrival

This place is crazy! 40 people in one big room. Everybody behind laptops. Sleeping-bags everywhere. Prelimenary schedule below (It will probably change completely, first reaction was that there must be more package hacking). If you didn’t make it to Oldenburg, please join the Virtual DevJam (on in #classpath) 17:00 CET (15:00 UTC) on Friday. […]

20 Sep 2005

Get ready for Oldenburg Branden Robinson, the Debian Project Leader, has a nice writeup of the various meetings taking place in Oldenburg this week, including the GNU Classpath distro DevJam. Having mature software is only half the battle, however; that software has to be coherently put together and easy for the user and developer to […]

Cool screenshot of the day (JButtons by David Gilbert)

Yesterday I wrote: Hint: Adding more cool demos to GNU Classpath Examples will earn you instant fame (and lots of screenshot exposure). Plus it helps people starting out with Free Swing or other parts of the GNU Classpath library to see what and how things are possible (non-gui demos are also really appreciated). And today […]

Me 2!

Seeing the nice screenshot that Roman Kennke posted I wanted to post my own: That is the Free Swing Demo from GNU Classpath Examples. Thanks to the hard work of David, Lillian, Roman and Tony Free Swing is really coming alive! Hint: Adding more cool demos to GNU Classpath Examples will earn you instant fame […]