20 Sep 2005

Get ready for Oldenburg

Branden Robinson, the Debian Project Leader, has a nice writeup of the various meetings taking place in Oldenburg this week, including the GNU Classpath distro DevJam.

Having mature software is only half the battle, however; that software has to be coherently put together and easy for the user and developer to manipulate. For many of these folks, it’s not enough just to have good, […] virtual machines, class libraries, compilers and application servers […]. They also want these technologies to be mutually integrated and easy to install and use. Good software and good packaging complement each other to drive adoption of the technology, and that’s what the DevJam is all about. I’m glad to see that representatives of Debian’s Java packaging team will be joining not just upstream authors, but their counterparts at Fedora, Ubuntu, and Gentoo in furtherance of this goal