DevJam Arrival

This place is crazy! 40 people in one big room. Everybody behind laptops. Sleeping-bags everywhere.

Prelimenary schedule below (It will probably change completely, first reaction was that there must be more package hacking).
If you didn’t make it to Oldenburg, please join the Virtual DevJam (on in #classpath) 17:00 CET (15:00 UTC) on Friday.


Morning, setup, introductions, showing off packages, hacking!

12:00 “Upstream toolchain overview”
– “Who does what to whom and why, and where you fit in”.

– 1.4 completeness (and towards 1.5)
“The GNU stack”
– Library completenes
– Tool completeness (gcj, gjdoc, jar, etc.)


14:00 “Distribution packaging concerns”

– Gentoo battle plan

– Debian
+ clear statement about java libraries in the Debian-Java Policy
+ clear statement about javadoc (/usr/share/doc/pkg/api/)

– JPackage/Common Packaging Standard
– Cross-distribution package naming/versioning conventions
– non-free upstream dependencies (splitting packages, e.g. ant, maven.)

17:00 “Virtual DevJam” channel #classpath


10:00 “Packaging tools & gcj native applications and libraries”

– gcj-dbtool ahead of time compilation registry for libraries
– aot-scripts/gcj-dbtool/packaging

12:00 “Distribution Toolchain”

– Packaging differences between distros (gcj mainly, who has which patches)
– gcj-java-compat

14:00 “Current packaging efforts – any roadblocks?”
– 2.0
– Eclipse
– Jonas
– Tomcat5
– Ant
– Spring
– Hibernate

16:00 “Future packaging efforts”
– Maven
– OpenJump GIS
– argouml
– see FC5 list fitszim


10:00 “Security, sandboxing and applets”

– security/sandboxing/auditing

12:00 “Testing and quality assurance”

– coordination testing/quality assurance, test coverage, completeness
– Autobuiders
– Mauve
– Gump
– Application unit tests (jonas, eclipse testsuites, others?)

14:00 “Other topics”

– participation of the free community in the JCP and/or the other way around
– Kaffe “Big Merge” with GNU Classpath