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GPLed JDK 7 M5 + Jigsaw binary packages

After my somewhat cranky post about the JDK 7 M5 binaries being distributed under not very free and social terms. I was really happy to see Mark Reinhold’s announcement of the JDK 7 M5 + Jigsaw binary packages: These binaries are licensed under the GPL (v2) with the Classpath Exception, plus the Assembly Exception. Thank […]

Trusting companies with your code…

Mark Reinhold announced JDK 7 Milestone 5 which is derived from OpenJDK7. Lots of people contributed to that. But sadly Sun decided they weren’t going to release this as Free Software. I wanted to research this JDK7 M5 and compare it to the work we did on OpenJDK and IcedTea, but apparently I am not […]