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GNU Toolchain Updates

There is always a lot going on in the low levels of the GNU Toolchain (gcc, binutils, gdb, etc) but since it is so low level and sometimes a bit specialised it is hard to keep up. Luckily Nick Clifton started a blog writing a monthly GNU Toolchain Update. This month saw lots of GCC […]

Free Java for your Netbook – Aspire One with IcedTea

We bought an Acer Aspire One A150 Ab, which comes with Linpus, a stripped down Fedora GNU/Linux distro. It also came with a nice printed GPL in the box explaining what it meant and various offers for the source code. The stripped down Fedora is somewhat limited, so we might upgrade it to a full […]

Revealing Errors

Benjamin Mako Hill, who is now on the board of the FSF, has a really great site Revealing Errors that has as goal to reveal errors that reveal the technology around us to learn how technology affects our lives. Wish I had seen this site earlier. As he explains it is a great way to […]

Fedora PreUpgrade

Finally upgraded my main workstation from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9. If you are lazy like me then you might want to do it through Fedora PreUpgrade: $ yum install preupgrade $ preupgrade Very nice and completely painless! It also offers an easy way to go from Fedora 9 to Rawhide (the development branch).

Freedom Fry — “Happy birthday to GNU”

From the “Freedom Fry” press release: The GNU operating system is turning 25 this year, and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has kicked off its month-long celebration of the anniversary by releasing “Happy Birthday to GNU,” a short film featuring the English humorist, actor, novelist and filmmaker Stephen Fry. “Yum, chocolately good! The tastiest operating […]