Revealing Errors

Benjamin Mako Hill, who is now on the board of the FSF, has a really great site Revealing Errors that has as goal to reveal errors that reveal the technology around us to learn how technology affects our lives. Wish I had seen this site earlier. As he explains it is a great way to reach users and show how technologies affect our lives, and why Free Software is so important:

Errors are under-appreciated and under-utilised in their ability to reveal technology around us. By painting a picture of how certain technologies facilitate certain mistakes, one can better show how technology mediates. By revealing errors, scholars and activists can reveal previously invisible technologies and their effects more generally. Errors can reveal technology—and its power and can do so in ways that users of technologies confront daily and understand intimately.

He gave a really nice introduction to the whole concept in his Revealing Errors OSCON Keynote (ogg/theora).