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Moving Java forward through the JCP?

Mark Reinhold recently pointed out that he, Joe Darcy and Brian Goetz had submitted their OpenJDK work on features for JDK7 and JDK8 to the JCP for standardization. Normally I am somewhat sceptical about the JCP. I don’t believe the JCP fosters a truly open process and discourages Free Software implementations. But Mark, Joe and Brian seem to be proving me wrong.

Java Hotspot MIPS port

LIU Qi from Longsoon wrote up some OpenJDK MIPS port related information on the IcedTea wiki: Go check it out if you own some MIPS hardware and want to help out.

CFP Now Open: Free Java @ FOSDEM 2011

Join us at FOSDEM 2011 to be a part of our sessions where we’ll discuss the state of Free Java! Our theme is “Java Sans Frontières” Why Free Java technology is awesome Standing on the Shoulders of Free Java The future of Free Java The Call For Participation is OPEN NOW, but closes on 3rd […]