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Build, Test, Deliver

For a long time we have needed a clear way to explain what we have been doing, how we do it and what our goals and road map are. When I was in Brazil a few months back David Wheeler discussed our progress, development model and goals with Bruno, Dalibor and me. As an outsider […]

26 Nov 2005

Battle of the runtimes! Seems that after the release of JamVM 1.4.0 a lot of projects thought it was time to do an updated release (most based on GNU Classpath 0.19): SableVM 1.13-pre1 IKVM.NET 0.22 (includes generics branch) Cacao 0.93 And slashdot claims GCC 4.1 Released (grin, they are about 2 months early…) But I […]

classpath mailinglist troubles

Seems I am unable to sent out email about the mailing list troubles so I hope some of the classpath subscribers will read about it here… Subject: Lots of email bounces/unsubscribes Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 16:37:18 +0100 Hi, I am seeing a lot of list traffic bounce and/or people being unsubscribed because has […]

24 Nov 2005

Just noticed the Mysaifu JVM project has an English blog. That will safe gary some time translating. There are several interesting notes about porting GNU Classpath to Windows CE and some interesting optimalization hints for improving the system classloader when using zip file class loading.

Free Swing picture of the day

A little hacking and it seems we get some more Free Swing goodness Lovely

21 Nov 2005

JamVM 1.4.0 Robert never pushes JamVM very hard. But he really should! His latest JamVM 1.4.0 release adds impressive new features (Soft/Weak/Phantom References, optimized garbage collector, language and reflection type access checks, GNU Classpath 0.19 and CVS support plus improved/added support for PPC-32/64, AMD64 and kfreebsd) and feels really stable. Go Robert!

JChemPaint runs!

Seems Egon is another happy customer. He got JChemPaint working out of the box on Kubuntu. Still some stuff to fix, but an encouraging start. I hope his goal, a live chemblaics CD, will be a reality in the not too distant future. It will be hard work to get the last pieces together though.

19 Nov 2005

Merging, merging, merging Just before GCC 4.1 branched we merged all the latest GNU Classpath (0.19 + CVS) updates into libgcj. GCC now uses subversion and it was pretty OK. It made some things easier then CVS, but learning new tools is always hard. There were a large number of small gotchas that took quite […]

14 Nov 2005

GNU Classpath hacker room at FOSDEM 2006 Fosdem will be February 25 and 26 in Brussels. We will try to fill a hacker room. So if you have some cool ideas for demos, presentations or discussion topics please let us know.

10 Nov 2005

Mysaifu JVM Mysaifu JVM is a port of GNU Classpath plus runtime to the Pocket PC 2003. The author provides nice bug reports and also has a blog that I would love the be able to read. Unfortunately I cannot read any Japanese.