19 Nov 2005

Merging, merging, merging

Just before GCC 4.1 branched we merged all the latest GNU Classpath (0.19 + CVS) updates into libgcj. GCC now uses subversion and it was pretty OK. It made some things easier then CVS, but learning new tools is always hard. There were a large number of small gotchas that took quite some time. There is just one small patch outstanding to get the Corba support enabled and then Audrius cool swing/corba GNU Classpath example just works. And according to sloccount the result is impressive. We finally passed C++! For all of the gcc codebase we now have:

Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
ansic:      1183962 (45.42%)
ada:         563241 (21.61%)
java:        430946 (16.53%)
cpp:         306801 (11.77%)
asm:          32642 (1.25%)
sh:           26039 (1.00%)

Next target Ada! :)
yes, I realize these are silly statistics, the addition of gcjx will actually move C++ up again since it is written in C++… Use the best language/tool for the job and all that.

Lots of interesting things in GCC land these days. There is a GCC 4.2 projects page. A proposal for Link-time optimzation (also as pdf paper Link-Time Optimization in GCC: Requirements and High-Level Design). And a proposal for LLVM/GCC Integration. Interesting times indeed.