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Saw that Caolan keeps a blog describing the 2 progress with gcj. He is seeing great speedup from gcj4 native compiled code, but the build times for some parts of OOo are enormous: Use gcj-dbtool during the build for gcj. This has a huge impact for me building multilanguage langpacks as helpcontent2 is a […]

31 Mar 2005

Sad to see Ranjit struggling with non-free proprietary software while there is so much Free Software available to help with what he is trying to accomplish. GNU Classpath class documentation currently only comes in HTML. But is generated using gjdoc which can also generate texinfo or raw xml. From that you can generate info, docbook, […]


Back next week. P.S. Ranjit see Evince for a free well integrated document viewer on GNU/Linux Gnome systems.

Kaffe — Past, Present and Future

Dalibor published his Kaffe – Past, Present and Future presentation he gave during our Escape the Java Trap! Fosdem meeting. As people might remember there were some problems with his laptop at that time. So it is good to finally have the full text. Thanks Dalibor.

As The Classpath Turns

Sven de Marothy did it again. More and more stuff just works these days: Just a oneliner fix to GNU Classpath and one for the application itself (usage of com.sun class, sigh). Sven has more screenshots and build instructions.

Finally the 0.14 announcement

We should have send this out earlier, but there was so much other stuff to do (Fosdem Meeting! and a little vacation). But it is finally done. The GNU Classpath 0.14 release announcement. The best thing about it is that we worked hard to get as much as possible merged with libgcj and kaffe for […]

Native Eclipse – The Fast and the Furious ClasspathShowcase

Robert Schuster made a show case page on the new wiki called ClasspathShowCase in which he shows some simple steps to convince people how much progress we have made in the last couple of years. Try it out today and get convinced. Everything he shows will be included in the upcoming releases of Fedora […]

Fosdem presentations and vacation!

Presentations Fosdem 2005 All presentations are now linked from Vacation! I will be offline for a week! Yeah!

More pictures – Fosdem 2005 meeting

Photos of the GNU Classpath Fosdem 2005 meeting.

Impressive CVS stats for GNU Classpath and Mauve

David Gilbert of JFreeChart fame posted two pictures to the GNU Classpath mailinglist that say more than a thousand words: <img src=""